Dynamic Associative Networks

As part of a “Senior Project” for my dual Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, I created a software suite for modeling and visualizing Dynamic Associative Networks (DANs).  DANs are the brainchild of Dr. Anthony Beavers, Director of Cognitive Science at the University of Evansville, and my task was to figure out a way to formalize and implement them. The resulting software suite was able to successfully handle tens of thousandths of nodes, was thoroughly tested via JUnit, and has allowed Dr. Beavers to create associative cognitive modeling experiments that he has since presented at several conferences and symposiums.

As part of the Senior Project, I created a complete website detailing the requirements, functional analysis, screenshots, sample files, and etc. for the DAN Software Suite.  You can navigate to the website by clicking here, or view a screenshots of the website and the software below.