Over the last few years, I’ve worked on a number of substantial projects, showcased in the links below.  Please take a look around!

  • SmartTabs (2008-present): A data analysis company which I co-founded, and for which I’ve developed two massive Microsoft Office add-ins – a powerful survey-tabulation engine, and a highly-customizable software for converting tabulation data into elegant PowerPoint slides.
  • Human-Robot Interaction Lab (2009-2011): A research team at Indiana University, where I worked on developing a mult-robot simulator and a system-wide visualization framework, refactoring old code, writing copious amounts of documentation… and, of course, dealing with robots.
  • “Fluency”: A User-Interface Designer for Non-Programmers (2010): Initially as a freshly-minted graduate student – and, later, as a seasoned “manager” for the Software Engineering and Design Patterns class – I led my team of five students in conceptualizing and developing a novel UI designer… and honing our own programming and UI design skills along the way.
  • Dynamic Associative Networks software suite (2008-2009): For my year-long “senior project” at the University of Evansville, I developed a complex software suite to model, study, and interact with Dynamic Associative Networks – a brainchild of Dr. Anthony Beavers, Director of Cognitive Science at U.E.