QR4Office is the first QR-generation app that integrates seamlessly into your Office documents.

Your Office experience will never be the same.
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Features include:

  • QR code images get embedded within the document.
  • Customizable color, background, and size.
  • Ability to set QR error correction level.

If you have suggestions for other features you’d like to see in QR4Office, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Privacy Statement:
Any information you submit to QR4Office remains private: it is transmitted over a secure SSL connection, and QR4Office does¬†not¬†store any of the encoded texts or images on the server. The only thing that the program logs is anonymous usage information, but it is stripped of any personal or “useful” data, and is used exclusively to help diagnose server issues and to provide inspiration for future development.

QR4Office is made possible through these excellent open-source projects: