Here are a handful of evaluations from my former professors, supervisors, co-workers, and teammates:

I had Michael in my Software Engineering class – first as a student, and then as a manager for the class. In both roles, Michael was an enthusiastic programmer, a quick learner, and a responsible and communicative team member.  As manager, he conducted regular code reviews, created instructional handouts for tools like JUnit and Log4J, posted actively on the class mailing list, and was always available to meet with the students outside of class.  As part of managing the class, Michael led a group of five other students in the development of a user interface designer, “Fluency”, where he spearheaded a number of innovative design ideas, and saw those ideas through to their completion.  Michael’s teammates reported him to be enthusiastic, encouraging, easily approachable, and fair; he clearly enjoyed working with the team and helping each member grow as a programmer and a team player. Michael ranks in the top 1% of the students I’ve taught over the past 10 years, and I highly recommend him as an excellent programmer, teammate, and product manager.

Dr. Gregory Rawlins, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University and Director of Undergraduate Affairs.

Michael’s consistent attention to detail is evident in his ability to successfully tackle complex projects. Just as importantly, though, he has always been very responsive when questions or unforeseen issues arise.

Paul, co-worker and supervisor at Indiana University.

I have worked with Michael as part of our team project, “Fluency”, and other weekly assignments in a Design Patterns in Java course. Michael guided us, students, helping us learning tools and walk us through code reviews on our assignments. For “Fluency’, Michael was like the principal Engineer cum manager for our team of five students. During his role as manager, he interacted with the clients and discussed software design with the team. He led the team in a very diligent manner, and used to come up with a task list to completing the development work. He would then assign us those tasks and make sure that the team was on track to meet all of the milestones on time. It doesn’t take time to realize what a great person and worker he is.

Kunal, graduate student on “Fluency” team in a Software Engineering / Design Patterns in Java class.

Working with Michael on a group Web Programming project in SLIS [School of Library and Information Science] was an excellent experience.  Michael was the only person in our group with any previous programming experience, yet we finished the class with a fantastic project which earned a grade of 97% and was the most polished product in the class.  Michael was a great resource for explaining concepts in programming and effectively became our project manager.  He exhibited a talent for recognizing individual strengths and dividing tasks as we made our way through each phase of our web-based system.  He made the tasks appropriately challenging and coached us through troubleshooting CSS, PHP, XHTML, and MySQL.  I believe it would have been much easier for him to do parts of the work all by himself, but he was patient and fair in distributing the work that needed to be done, making our group project an excellent learning experience.   I would absolutely work with Michael again and recommend him to potential clients/employers.  He is motivated, motivating and continually strives for superior output.

Amanda, fellow student in Web Programming course.

I worked with Michael on a class project where he was the manager of my team. He was very supportive of all the teammates and always available to help us with our tasks. Any time we had questions, he made time to meet with us and work through the code together. Michael maintained a friendly and productive relationship with all the team mates throughout the 8-week project.

Darya, graduate student on the “Fluency” team.