SmartTabs, a Data Analysis Company

As co-founder and software architect for SmartTabs, I conceptualized and developed SmartTabs’ two core software products, SmartGraphs and SmartTabulator.  I also teleconferenced several times per week with the other co-founder – to discuss feature requests and business tactics – and helped write, translate, and administer the company’s website.

SmartGraphs: a highly-efficient Microsoft Office add-in for transforming Excel tables into elegant, customizable PowerPoint chart slides.

SmartGraphs is a tool especially developed for market researchers, who face the repetitive task of creating PowerPoint slides out of massive Excel reports. SmartGraphs integrates right into the familiar Microsoft Excel environment, and makes it possible to select the source data and – literally with just a few clicks – to create professional presentation slides, customized 100% to the company’s “hand-made” template.

To see SmartGraphs in action, watch the video below.  You can also peruse the extensive product description and documentation, or even download a trial of the software.

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SmartTabulator: a powerful Microsoft Excel add-in for tabulating survey data, ensuring data validity, and exporting the results into stylish, user-friendly tables.

SmartTabulator is SmartTabs’ in-house tabulation software, which serves a number of corporate clients who purchase tabulations as a service.  The software takes rather monstrous - and completely humanly-undecipherable – “rawdata” table, and produces stylish tabulation workbooks as the result, as shown below.